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About Us:

     Mitrisk was born out of a need for business focused and risk based management of information security. With increasing de-centralization of information critical to business, changing technology and its adoption by users, the traditional focus on securing infrastructure and networks, while still important, does not maximize investment in security. Business and technology factors are making traditional paradigms of computer security obsolete. The key challenge is to implement the correct level of security that addresses the appropriate threats. Our Business - Centric Security Model addresses this challenge by leveraging the business value of data to determine and implement the appropriate level of overall IT security. As a result, the prioritization of the most pressing concerns is ultimately driven by business requirements.

Key Focus Areas:

  1. Application Security
  2. Cloud Security
  3. Database Security
  4. Information Rights Management (Security of unstructured data)
  5. Information Security Management and Training

     Mitrisk is committed to becoming your partner in information security - providing a range of services and technologies to work with you in securing your enterprise. Our services allow you to optimize your spend on security and ensure your risk mitigation is inline with your acceptable risk tolerance. Talk to our experts today to see what we can do for you. 

We look forward to working with you!

- Mitrisk Team

About the Founder:

     Mitrisk was founded by Yatish Mamniya, a security and privacy professional with 12 years of experience and a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University in Information Security Policy and Management. He has worked with many reputed consulting firms both in India and the US. He has served several global clients in BFSI, manufacturing, healthcare, education and energy. Additionally, Yatish has worked with the US-CERT in system survivability, with the US FBI in identity theft research and with Heinz College in multiple privacy research projects. He is certified CISSP, CGEIT, CEH, CIPP and SANS GIAC GSEC. He is involved with the Data Security Council of India, ISACA and the Global ICT Standardization Forum of India. He is a visiting faculty for Information Risk Management at the International School of Business and Media.