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Anti-Phishing Assessment and Training:

Phishing or Spear Phishing Attack Stimulation is an effective way to assess employee cyber security awareness and provide software-based training.

- Send phishing emails to your employees safely and easily

- Create a unique teachable moment when an employee falls for a simulated attack

- Use this moment to teach the employee how not to fall for future attacks

- Provide many different customizable training options to meet your unique needs

- Gather actionable data to finely target future employee training

- Reduce the chance of employees falling for an attack by upto 70% with just one mock phishing attack

- Measure the effectiveness of your security training for Phishing attacks

Contact us here or email us at info [at] mitrisk [dot] com to sign up for an assessment and training. Currently available in Mumbai. 

Phishing Facts -

  1. India ranks fifth most targeted country for phishing attacks - RSA H1 2013 Report
  2. Phishing using email is the top attack vector used to compromise sensitive information and deliver Malware
  3. 95% of all social engineering attacks employed phishing as a means of establishing a foothold in their intended victims’ systems - 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report, Verizon
  4. Vietnam, the US, India and Germany have the greatest number of attacked users - Kaspersky
  5. Advanced persistent threat (APT) campaigns use highly targeted phishing (spear-phishing) aimed at specific individuals or groups within an organization as a preferred means - Trendmicro
  6. 65% of fraud cases reported by banks were technology related frauds, including frauds committed through internet banking channels and email phishing attacks. The amount involved in bank fraud increased 324% to INR 8,646 crore from INR 2,037.8 crore between FY10-FY13 - Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India