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Award-Winning, Affordable Enterprise Security Solutions:


Our Enterprise Security Solutions are dedicated tools that can help address real risks, automate processes, and streamline compliance efforts. IRM helps you achieve fine-grained control of sensitive documents and "remote-control" their security. Database security solutions prevent SQL injection attacks, monitor database activity, enforce seperation of duties, mask sensitive data, firewall databases and much more. Application security penetration testing is aimed at detecting critical security vulnerabilities covering OWASP top 10. USM will automate, consolidate and integrate essential security capabilities. 

 Shift protection from devices or networks directly to the data itself. Protect data wherever it goes

Information Rights Management (IRM):

 - Information Rights Management (IRM) is a technology which protects sensitive unstructured  (MS office, pdf etc.) information from unauthorized access. This means that information (in the form of documents) and its protection (usage policies) can be controlled by the data owner regardless of where the information is located

- You to retain the control on the usage of the document (who, what when and where) even after having shared it. This helps to enhance collaboration while at the same time reduce worries about information leakage or breaches. Documents are protected inside and outside the organization regardless of the method of transmission and storage

Usage scenarios include -

- Collaboration with vendors/partners when sensitive information is involved

- Send Client Confidential Information To Third Parties For Processing

- Organization with Intellectual Property or Proprietary information

- Preventing employees from leaving with sensitive data 

- Audit the usage of information within and outside of the enterprise


Protect your databases with one easy to install and manage, competitively priced solution

 Unified Database Security:

- Unified solution provides database security, Database Activity Monitoring (DAM), and dynamic data masking in one product that addresses today’s database security needs for all organizations. The solution is easy to install and manage, competitively priced, and can be up and running in your organization in a matter of hours.

- Blocks SQL injection attacks, prevents unauthorized database access, enforces separation of duties, masks sensitive data, provides advanced reports and much more

Database Security: Ready-to-use database firewall

Database Activity Monitoring: Monitors and audits database activity and creates alerts in real time

Dynamic Data Masking: Hides sensitive database records from exposure to unauthorized parties

Unified Database Security: All-in-one database security


Secure your applications with  significant cost savings compared to traditional approaches

Cloud-Based Application Penetration Testing:

The most comprehensive application security testing on the cloud with no software cost, no hardware cost and no consultant fee. Experience the highest quality testing now on the cloud.

Zero False Positive Guarantee

Business Logic Security Testing

- Unlimited Application Security Testing at Flat Fee

On-Demand Testing Scheduling using Online Portal

Online Vulnerability Analytics Dashboard

 Now you no longer need to pay by man-days to consultants and have highest quality testing whenever you need. 50% or more cost savings compared to other alternatives.

Reduce the Cost of ISO 27002:2005 Compliance

 Unified Security Management (USM):

USM provide a way for organizations with limited security staff and budget to address compliance and threat management needs. USM delivers all of the essential security capabilities you need to be ready to start an ISO compliance program—right out of the box. 5 essential capabilities –

Asset Discovery

- Vulnerability assessment

- Threat Detection

- Behavioral Monitoring

- Security Intelligence

Built-in essential security controls saves you time, cost, and complexity